@hugefy me: The tall Lulu looks at the other woman curiously. "Don't summoners normally wear robes?"


(( Kannu does not obey rules and dress codes easilly XD ))

How do you feel about Mf's new aracade look ?
What is the biggest fear Kannu has? What was her worst nightmare she had, and why did she have it?


I was all alone. People nowhere to be found. The league and all Valoran were deserted. I was so scared !
I won’t invite Nocturne to sleep over ever again >.<

Who has the best boobs and who has the best booty out of Ashe, Sejuani and Lissandra?

(( Kannu has had the privilege to explore the very fine and delightful curves of sejuani-thewinterswrath but had very little interactions with Lissandra, even fewer with Ashe, so Sejuani, with very little to no competition, wins on both. ))

In Regard to the Asks Received About Not Drawing Very Well and/or Giving up Because You ‘Aren’t Good Enough’ or ‘Not Showing Improvement’


Stop. Right there. Listen.

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(( Seeing Kat mun’s drawing at the begining ))

(( After 6 month drawing ))

(( Over one year ))

(( It’s been raining new followers latelly so here have a little tribute to my latest biggest supports of my shenanigans :3
Lots of love to you 4, and the 397 others ♥

von-the-first-mate looking forward to bugging you so many more posts, there’s already a few planed >:D

iris-the-electromancer lot’s of cuddle to come ! So many drawing I want to make for you, one day I’ll get to do it all ! *Hugs tight*

byforceofwill the rabbit never tire of the Sovereign, just like I never tire of reading you :3

icameinlikeawreckingboar we only found each other recently but you’re very inspiring, like Iris the response I owe you are pilling, but I’ll manage !


((So what had me cursing was the reply that Tumblr Mobile made me send privately because I forgot to switch to public. I’m sorry, Kannu; that wasn’t meant for you specifically.

What I’d said, however, was something this:

Most people know how much of a Piltover’s Finest fan I am, so many assume that the reason I’m so upset about the Debonair Ezreal splash is Jayce and Caitlyn in the background. It’s part of it, yes (admittedly, a good part of it…), but I’ve said before that Jayce x Cait is most likely. I’m disappointed who might be happy to see it, but it’s whatever to me.

What upsets me is that, in the context we have, sans headcanon, is this:

Jayce and Caitlyn in the background;

two women, one serving drinks, the other giving a massage, with Ezreal;

Vi, alone, angry, with alcohol, and gambling.

If Vi is supposed to be debonair, suave, flirtatious, with whatever gender, then where is HER partner?

Fuck that and fuck Riot.))

(( I get what you’re saying but I have to disagree on, well, pretty much all of it °-°’

Puting a read more to prevent the wall of text for those who don’t care :

Afficher davantage

The colar is mine. I first wore it when I first offered Miss Fortune to be her… pet. She liked it so I kept it, wearing it at almost all time.
So far I haven’t had much complaints about it, aside from summoner-tybresa and a few other that find it “inappropriate”. My Mistresses find it quite handy to… play. You could say I have as many reasons as I have Mistresses to keep it on.

ask-morrigus & summonertruth

Kannu has abs? What kind of workout does she d-- On second thought, don't answer that...


"Do you have something to say, summoner-tybresa?”

"You act as if I am supposed to justify myself."
"Do you not know? The Senior Steward has eyes everywhere.”




"Do you have something to say, summoner-tybresa?”

"You act as if I am supposed to justify myself."

"Do you not know? The Senior Steward has eyes everywhere.